We enjoyed a wonderful 24 hours without the boys this weekend. Here's a brief synopsis of our kidless adventure.......

The boys stayed with my cousin aka 'auntie Tangela'

They enjoyed an evening at none other than Chuck E Cheese

Terrance and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Sushi Sake Japanese restaurant in Richardson.

We enjoyed some wonderful adult conversation

We slept in late the next morning

We enjoyed donuts for breakfast

We went to church together instead of taking seperate cars like we usually do and I got to actually pay attention to the sermon without my two distractions kids.

We had lunch after church at Mooyah burgers & Fries....man I love me some burgers and fries! Tangela met us there with the boys (after Evan talked her into taking them to chuck e cheese...again) and we had to say goodbye to our 24 hrs of freedom!

This is Ian upset that he had to leave Auntie Tangela

This is Evan pouting cuz we had to leave... Shouldn't they be excited to see me instead of sad to leave?!

Auntie Tangela wore the boys out I guess cuz they slept the rest of the afternoon...and so did we!

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  1. AWWWWWWW....I enjoyed them so much! They wore me out too! OMG! It went alot better than I expected. Ian loves me now, I'm sure of it...lol! Can't wait to do it again!

    Auntie Tangela

  2. What an awesome cousin! I am glad you got some R&R.


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