Maid wanted.....

While working in our dining room/office I happened to look up at our atrocious chandelier to see this.......

Terrance had the nerve to etch his initials in every glass pane of the light fixture instead of dusting it off!
So I sent him and email with the picture attached and asked him what he was trying to say......
He sent an email back stating that the picture said enough!


Maybe a little cleaning is in order?


  1. Ha ha ha! I think you should send him back a picture of some windex and a rag waiting for him at the front door...and his bed made up on the couch! Hee hee.

  2. I agree with Tricia! Funny though! He is clever! At least he didn't write "clean me" on it!

  3. So how do ya'll know he was implying anything at all? He may have just been doodling.


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