Celebrity Encounter.....or something like that!

The other day after church we went out for lunch at Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen. I love it there. If you want to try some delicious cajun seafood then you have to give them a try. Well we happened to be seated next to Chris Arnold from K104's morning team and his family! They were celebrating his mother-in-law's birthday. Of course when they started singing Happy Birthday, Ian stands up and looks over the back of the bench to see what's going on and starts screaming Cake! Cake! The Arnold family was very gracious to share their delicious chocolate cake with us. I'd like to think it's because we are just such a nice looking family that they felt compelled to include us in their celebration but we all know it's because of my pitiful looking kid screaming....CAKE in their eardrums! Hey......whatever it takes!
A slice of the heavenly cake we got to enjoy courtesy of the Arnold family!

Ian enjoying his fries....Yummy!

I tried to get Evan to expand his palate, but he chose his favorite stand by.....grilled cheese!

Terrance taking home the leftovers

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