At Grandma & Grandpa Lofton's house......even they got tired of looking at Ian naked

Ok, my friend Ashley came over the other day so that we could enjoy a marvelous Girls Nite Out at The Melting Pot along with our other bestie, Tangela. Well, once she entered our lovely abode, the first thing she asked was "Why is Ian naked?" I proceeded to tell her that we are in the midst of potty training and it's just easier when he's naked. She then asks "Well is that the way you're supposed to do it and can't you atleast put on a shirt?" I pondered both of those questions and to answer them honestly.....

1. I'm not sure if this is the way you're supposed to do it....it just works for right now because we don't have to worry about pulling clothing on and off when we're in a hurry and if we do happen to have an accident then it's less clothing to have to wash (we have laminate flooring so cleanup is usually a breeze). On top of that....he senses his need to void quicker when naked. Go figure!
2. I guess I could make him put on a shirt every now and then but what's the point.

So I looked back and noticed that indeed Ian has spent a lot of the summer of 2009 in the nude! The good news is that summer is coming to a close and we are hopefully going to wrap this whole potty training business up really soon! I hope.

Ian covering the goods!

Ian going on about his daily activities stark naked

Enjoyingt the pool that Grandpa Lofton bought for them....
(please ignore our out of control lawn)

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  1. Could you blog about how being naked helps with potty training?!


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