Happy Anniversary

Sure he leaves his clothes all over the floor, He fusses at Evan for crying because he's "trying to make a man out of him", He isn't the best at household financing even though he graduated with a degree in Finance, He watches cartoons.....when the boys are asleep! He is a rule follower (except for speed limits) and of course all of the above drives me crazy.....


He loves his boys and spends a lot of time with them without ever complaining about it. He puts up with my mood swings. He is patient and genuinely kind. He puts his family needs first before his own happiness. He loves God with all of his heart and soul. He is slow to anger....which is good considering my mood swings :-). He is a jack of all trades and will install a fence, fix broken plumbing, put together a meal even when the cabinets and fridge are bare and rewire the cable. And he is devoted to his lovely wife of and I've never doubted the love he has for me.

Happy 8th Anniversary!

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  1. awww.. this almost brought me to tears :-)
    you do have a good man! treasure him.. he adores you and those boys.



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