I have tons of Evanisms to share with you daily but I'll only share a few. Enjoy!

While trying to shovel mini snickers bars down my throat:

Me: I don't want any more chocolate because it makes you fat.
Evan: Mommy it won't make me fat because you only get fat when you're older.
Me: So true!

While getting ready for work the other day:

Evan: Mommy I really want you to stay with the family and go wherever we go.
Me: holding back the tears (I've been emotional lately)

After I found out that he had licked the bulb on the lamp and had a tongue burn:

Me: Evan if you do it again, your tongue will fall off.
Evan: If it does then the doctor can give me another one.
Me: You can't get another one.
Evan: Yes you can.....in China
Me: What?!

Me trying to spark a little conversation to distract Evan from his video games

Me: What did you think about when you were inside my tummy (I know it was a random question)
Evan: dump trucks and trees

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