Life has been crazy these past few days. Sorry I didn’t get to post my Monday Manna. It’s my first time missing since I started my blog. I thought having Terrance home for summer would make life easy (and in some ways it has) but it’s been a mad house! We have been constantly on the go. On top of that we are getting ready to leave for a nearly two week vacation starting in Mexico and ending in Kansas City. Here’s a tidbit of the conversation from early Monday morning.

Evan: Ian give me my spongebob mat back!

Terrance: Evan you need to share.

Evan: But it’s for big boys.

Ian:Mommy. Eat. Eat. Milk. Milk.

Me: can you guys give me 10 more minutes of sleep

Terrance: don’t bang your fork on the walls or the doors

Evan: Daddy he tore my spongebob mat

Terrance: Ian why did you tear the mat

Ian: Mommy wake up!

Me: OMG! Can you please give me 10 more minutes

Terrance: Bow your heads boys and say your blessing

Evan & Ian: “God is great, God is good, Let us thank Him for our food”

Everyone: AMEN!

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