Lofton boys unite!

There are many moments in your kids life when you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride for the offspring that will carry on your family name. Well I experienced one of those moments on the playground at McDonald's yesterday.

It all started when Ian was being bullied by another toddler in the play area. I was sitting back watching the altercation because I wanted to give Ian a chance to resolve the situation. You know, learn some negotiating skills. Well, my middle linebacker just yelled at the kid to stop pushing him (all I heard was NO! followed by a mean scowl).

Then here comes big brother Evan to the rescue. Evan grabs the kid by the shoulder and turns him around and says "You don't mess with my baby brother!" He sure did. The one who always runs to me crying when Ian tackles him or pushes him down. My sweet little emotional Evan stands up for his little brother! I was so proud. This is a turning point in their relationship. The moment when Evan realizes that he has a responsibility to protect his little bro!

Okay, maybe I'm being a little melodramatic. But I was very proud of my boys. True enough, Evan was confronting a toddler and not a big mean 6 yr old but I was still proud!

And don't worry, I did get up and intervene and tell the snot nosed kid to play nicely since his mom was on her cell phone in the corner oblivious to her kid being the playground bully! And Ian and the bully did learn to share and became fast friends. See what happens when you sit back and let kids handle some situations on their own!

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