Kids say the darndest things

I could go on and on with famous quotes from Evan Lofton but I'll just list a few!

While rushing to school the other morning....
Evan: "Mommy, you're beating ALL the cars"
Me....slowing down a bit to set a good example!

After dropping the spoon while cooking grits.....my morning specialty
Evan: "Mommy, you have the dropsies"
Me....eyes rolling

While watching me get ready for work....
Evan: "Mommy, I wish your hair was long cuz I don't like it short."
Me... choking back tears cuz I just accepted my all natural locs

After taking a bath and getting ready to put on jammies...
Evan: "Mommy, I have little balls in my scrotum and it hurts my stomach when I push 'em"
Me: Well, stop pushing them!

Out of the mouth of babes!

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