My Favorite Things - Eyebrow Threading

While shopping for a dress for an upcoming wedding, I came across a line of ladies at a little boutique in the middle of the mall. Of course Evan and I stop to see what was going on and I notice that everyone was in line to get their eyebrows threaded. I watch a couple of clients get their eyebrows done and then I decide to give it a try and........I LOVE IT! It is a lot less painful than waxing and tweezing and supposedly it lasts for 3 wks, unlike tweezing or waxing. You can feel the friction of the thread going back and forth but that's it. Nothing at all like the burn you feel from hot wax being applied to your flesh.

I heard about threading a while back but I wrote it off because it sounded so barbaric. Then my friend Fancy wrote this blog about her threading experience. Since, I'm always up for a challenge, I decided to try it and I will never go back to waxing and tweezing! (I don't think). So if you're feeling adventurous and need a little grooming, I suggest you give it a try.

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