What A Day

Man, this was an interesting morning. All I wanted to do was take the boys to the zoo. I was supposed to meet Greta there by 10:30 and for once I was scheduled to be on time when anything that could happen....happened.

First, Ian soiled his diaper (with loose stool) and then flopped down on my bed and shot stool out of this sides of his diaper onto my sheets! Gross! So of course I had to strip the bed and wash the bedding.

Then Ian poured his entire bowl of fruit loops onto his lap which meant that I had to strip him down and clean the kitchen floor, table, high chair and him!

Next I had to bathe Ian because stool remnants, fruit loops and milk don't mix.

Then while getting myself and Evan ready to go, Ian throws his toy car into the toilet and commences to try and fish it out. Thank God we have elongated toilet seats so he couldn't reach down to the bottom of the bowl. But I did have to clean him all over again because he did attempt to head dive into the toilet water.

We finally made it out of the house at 10:40 and made it to the zoo by 10:55.

All in a days work I suppose!

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