Willpower.....or lack thereof

Okay, I have absolutely NO WILLPOWER or self discipline. I have this love/hate relationship with my body and with exercising but I've yet to commit to doing something about it. I'm intelligent enough to know that the 15 pounds I've gained since giving birth to my first born child should be gone by now but I can't seem to motivate myself to do what it takes to get that done. So I'm once again airing my dirty laundry.
Here are some pics of me making bad food choices. I have my super unhealthy chicken biscuit breakfast from Chick Fil A waiting for me in the passenger seat. The kicker to that is that I have to stare at LA Fitness while ordering my unhealthy breakfast. So I took a picture of me passing by. Hey....maybe I'll pay them a visit later this afternoon! Aww man....one day I will commit!
My breakfast waiting for me in the passenger seat
Me passing by LA Fitness (sorry for the quality of pic...taken w/cell phone)

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