Why I Blog

Several of my friends and family acutually think it's quite weird that I blog. They mainly wonder why I choose to share sometimes personal information, thoughts and opinions for the world to see.

Well, I choose to blog for several reasons. The first reason is because I wanted an easy way for family and friends to keep up with whats going on with the boys. They grow so fast and so much happens in a day or a week or a month that I may forget to share with others and that seems like a waste! Plus, to me, they are some pretty funny kids and the whole world should see that....right?! The next reason is because I feel like I have lots of ideas, thoughts, opinions and the like floating around in my head and it just feels good to get those out. At first I was kind of concerned that no one would read my blog and writing all of these posts was a waste of time but now that I'm a pro.....chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort.....I see that it really doesn't matter if my thoughts are read or not (although I REALLY want them to be). It still feels good to get them out!

Some of my friends think it's crazy that I follow the blogs of total strangers. Like My Brown Baby or My Charming Kids. I don't know these people from Adam but I am drawn to their blog either because of their story or because they write about things that are of interest to me or that I can relate to. Other blogs like I'm an organizing Junkie help make life easier so I reference them on occasion when I need new ideas and such. I guess it's kind of like watching Reality TV. We don't know the stars of the shows but we are drawn to the idea of real life people sharing their stories so we tune in weekly just to see how they are coming along.

Who knows....maybe I'll grow tired of this whole blogging business once the next fad comes along. As for right now, as long as it helps keep me sane and not cause me to go insane we'll just keep on going!


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