Monkeying Around

Okay, as a mom, I wear many hats: referee, maid, teacher, chef, chauffer, nurse/doctor, entertainer, etc. But I have added a new title to my resume……SUPERWOMAN!
Let me explain..... For our weekly Tuesday playdate, we went to Monkey Business, a local indoor play and party center that has lots of fun indoor activities. Evan was playing dress up…..don’t ask…..while Ian chose to slide down the slide. Nothing out of the ordinary until Ian , a.k.a. wonderkid, decided to climb over the side of the slide from the very top! I was about 3-4 steps away when I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I ran…I mean leaped across the floor and caught him mid dive and we both hit the ground, or I hit the ground with him suspended in mid air! He thought this was very entertaining….me, not so much! I was sweating! What if I wouldn’t have made it?! That would have been a nasty fall and I’m sure his brain would have been a little scrambled if he would have hit head first. I was kind of amazed at my catlike reflexes, gymnast flexibility and lightning speed! Okay, okay…..it was more like a stumble, stumble, reach, plop….umph! But I still like to think of myself as SUPERWOMAN!


  1. Wonderwomen.. Supermom... All you need is a cape!!

  2. You are definitly my superwoman!


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