Kids Say The Darndest Things

If you haven’t realized it yet, Evan is quite a ham. His teacher told me the other day that he's going to be on tv one day making the world laugh! He comes up with some of the craziest ideas and asks the most random questions. I’m sure all preschoolers are like this, but he kills me with the stuff that comes out of his mouth! Here are a few of the conversations from this past week:

Evan: Daddy, why do you call your dad Pops?
Terrance: It’s another name for dads.

Evan: Do circles have sides?
Terrance: Complete silence while he ponders……Do circles technically have sides?

Mommy: Evan, we will get there in minute, mommy is lost.
Evan: Mommy you’re not lost, you’re just going the wrong direction!

Mommy: Evan where is Ian?
Evan: He’s in your bathroom?
Mommy: How do you know (since we were in the kitchen)
Evan: I hear him good because I had an operation on my ear.
Mommy: HAHAHAHA, Evan your surgery had nothing to do with your hearing!

Mommy: Evan when are you going to gain some weight?
Evan: I’m already fat
Mommy: Where
Evan: In my legs, when I sit on the potty, it makes my legs look fatter
Mommy: Good Grief

Mommy: Evan, why are you always scratching your legs (he scratches so hard sometimes that he draws blood)
Evan: Because a vampire lives in my leg and bites me
Mommy: What!?

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  1. That's great. I love how he thinks. That really made me laugh...


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