Status Post Right Ear Lesion Excision

Doesn't that title sound so serious! Those were the words printed on our surgery consent so there you have it. As you can see...Evan's surgery is over and all is well. He was very brave the entire time and we were so proud of him. Until we hit the recovery room! Coming out of the anesthesia was a little bit wild. he was a bit combative, tearful, and emotional. But hey...he's 4. Should we expect more? After a little breakfast, he was just fine. Dr. Palmer says that he should be up and at 'em by tomorrow. We'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.....they worked! Here are some pics from our fun morning!

Time to Roll Out!

Daddy is so bored....I mean artistic!

Drink Up!

Recovery Room - No more bumpy ear!

Pre Op Holding

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