Did I Do That?

I would first like to start off by congratulating my husband on his prestigous Teacher of The Month designation at Reagan Middle School. Way to go T! Enjoy your free lunch from Applebees!

Now it's time for my weekly "DID I DO THAT" post. This post is about the things I find myself doing as a parent that sometimes blow my mind. This particular incident is pretty mild but I never thought I'd have to encounter it......so soon.

It was a normal day at the Lofton house with the boys playing and sharing and laughing and such when all of a sudden Evan grabs a toy from Ian's hand. Instead of running to me and tattling like Evan would do. Ian grabs Evan by the face and tries to scratch his eye out! Are you kidding me? Where did all that aggression come from? Why aim for blood. I had to pick Ian up by the back of his t-shirt like a mother dog with her baby pups and pull him away. So Evan was forced to go to bible study with red scratches around his eye. Seriously! Does this mean there will be counseling required in the future. No one in our family is this aggressive. Did it come from those episodes of Spongebob or maybe he was watching a little too hard when we played boxing on the Wii! At any rate, we need an intervention because I never thought I'd have to pull apart my kids from a fit of rage at the tender age of 18mths! Pray my strength!

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