Petsmart Visit

Evan's 1st grade class recently visited Petsmart to select new guppies and fish pond accessories for their refurbished classroom habitat (which is an in ground aquarium in their classroom). They have spent a lot of time preparing for the arrival of their class fish family. They had a marine expert (I forgot her exact title....Dr. Something or other) come out and talk to them about the types of fish that would do well in their environment and she tested the water over several weeks to decide the perfect time to introduce the fish.
Here are the kids getting ready to pick out their new Classroom 11 friends. It was a really nice turn out of kids for an unusually cold Saturday morning for an optional school event. They really enjoy one another and Ms. Angela does a good job of making learning fun and applicable to life.

Aren't they adorable? Yes, Noah is dressed in his Harry Potter cape in front. and Evan is posing with Sophia...his kindergarten crush.

Mrs. Angela truly made this a great learning experience. She made them earn all the money themselves, made them responsible for counting the money, deciding how much to spend and on what, she even let them take turns holding the money! The nice cashier in the background was patient as they tried to figure out how much money they needed for their purchase.

I really love this school. It is an Applied Learning Center which basically means that they learn by applying classroom learning to real life situations. They are allowed to lead each other and themselves to learn about all subjects and how to apply what they've learned to real life. It is a school that's perfect for those who like to think outside the box. They have tons of parent resources as well as parent involvement. Did I mention that I love this school!?

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