New Addition

We have a new addition to the Lofton family.  Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming HAMMIE (a.k.a. Midnight Bucket) to our home.  This tiny little hamster is the cutest thing you ever did see.  I don't know if I've mentioned that I married a citified boy who has never owned a pet in his life so when he came home and saw Hammy, this is how the conversation went:

Terrance:  "Why do we have a rat by our fireplace, and what are we supposed to do with him?"  
Shanita:  "Terrance, it's not a rat... it's a hamster and it's a pet so you play with him like any other pet."
Terrance: "I'm not touching that thing. It looks like the rat we caught in the attic minus the long tail."
Shanita: "It may be a part of the rodent family but IT IS NOT A RAT!"
Terrance: "I'm still not touching it."
Shanita: "Good grief city boy!"

Please don't ask about the name.  Midnight Bucket was his given name but the Loftons kept messing the name up and calling him Midnight Madness and Midnight Moon so Evan renamed him Hammy...I know, creative right! Isn't he cute?

My only complaint with Hammy is that he has his days and nights a bit mixed up.  He sleeps all day and  is awake all night running on his ferris wheel thingy and it is a bit annoying when you're trying to sleep.  

Evan and Ian like to play with Hammy (unlike their dad) They are a bit rough but at least Hammy gets some kind of attention

I was a little concerned at first that Hammy would not last long in our home.  Evan has fed him skittles and filled his cage with treats.  Ian put him in his exercise ball and started shaking him up like a soda can.  Evan picked Hammy up and dropped him from three feet in the air when he scratched his hand with his nails and then placed his Nintendo DSi by his cage with the music playing (full blast) so he would wake up and play with him.  Get my point... my boys are a bit rough. But I think they are finally getting used to having him around so maybe there's hope for Hammy!


  1. HAHA! I love this! Can't wait for all the stories you're going to have about this little guy! And I hate to tell you this, but he doesn't have his days and nights mixed up. He's crepuscular (active during twilight hours)...put in your ear plugs!

  2. Love it! Helps teach them responsibility at a young age and they think they're just having fun!

    However, I'd have to roll with your husband on this one though, as cute as hamsters are, I'm not playing with a cute rat-family friend. LOL

  3. Crepuscular? Is that a word Jenn? Let me google it.


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