Cub Scouts

P1030944Well, my little Evan is growing up.  He is now a Cub Scout.  A friend of mine says that joining Cub Scouts is the All-American thing to do.  I must admit that I had reservations about him joining Cub Scouts at first.  But since he asked me about it on several different occasions, I gave in and let him join.  My prejudices about Cub Scouts are totally asinine.  I’m just being honest.  First, I kind of thought Cub Scouts were for the uncool kids.  You know, the nerds and other socially inept kids who had no athletic prowess.  This stems from my school days when the kids in scouting were kind of …weird.  I know times have changed and honestly, whose to say that my kids won’t be the uncool, non jocks!  You never know.  I’ll love them just the same! The major issue that almost kept me from allowing Evan to become a scout was all of the rumors about some of the adult scout leaders being pedophiles.  Just Google it and you’ll read about case after case of scout leaders taking advantage of innocent little boys who are taught to trust and respect their scout leaders.  Not to mention the fact that the first page of our scouting book contains a warning about the fact that child abuse is a big problem in our society, even in the scouting world and you should teach your child how to be safe.  I just told Evan that if any grown up tries to touch his private parts then kick them in their private parts, scream, and run like the wind to tell someone they trust!  Also the fact that my citified husband has never in a day gone camping in the wilderness or pitched a tent or showered in a lake or roughed it in any kind of way is a bit scary seeing as though we are required to do overnight camping trips.   But I suppose there is a learning curve involved for all of us!  Evan seems excited about it and he’s already earned his first badge. The Bobcat Badge.  My prejudices aside…he is well on his way to becoming a decorated cub scout!




Evan receiving his Bobcat Badge from his scout leader

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