My Favorite Things

I know that my newest favorite thing has been around for a while but I have never ever tried it before last week.  And all I have to say is: “Why did I ever wait so long to indulge in the deliciousness?”  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my newest favorite thing…


Oh my goodness!  This stuff is delicious.  I must admit that I have ignored it all these years because of the price and I admit that it is still quite the splurge.  I was able to purchase three pints on sale for $12.00.  But it is oh so worth it!  Once you go Haagen Dazs you never go back! I have to literally put myself on a five spoonful minimum a day! I’m sure my waistline will not appreciate the discovery of my newest favorite thing but it has to just suck it up (or in) and take it for the team!

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