Sweet Summer

Well we are on a triple digit weather spree here in Texas and we are doing everything in our power to keep from burning up. For the most part we've stayed inside either at home or doing other indoor activities and partaking in lots of swimming!

Well while watching TV at 3am in the break room at work I saw a special about ice cream joints in the DFW metroplex, and a place called Sweet Sammies was featured so I had to give it a try since it was close to me and the prices are so reasonable!!

They offer mainly cookies and ice cream. Go figure! Why didn't I think of this!? A couple of cookies with a scoop of ice cream in between! Ingenious!

I opted for the oatmeal toffee cookie with vanilla ice cream...yum!

The boys decided they wanted ice cream only so Evan stuck with tried and true Vanilla while Ian went against the grain and tried Krazy Kolors ice cream. I'm not sure what's in this flavor of ice cream but it's pretty good! Terrance was a party pooper and sat and watched us enjoy our dessert!

We were able to cool down and enjoy a delicious treat for around $4.00. What a steal! I'm sure we will frequent Sweet Sammies plenty more times before the summer is over!


  1. That's a brilliant idea!! I just need one good invention to set me up for life!!

  2. I love this idea! Darn! I know each of us has a brilliant idea inside just DYING to get out! Put your thinking caps on ladies!


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