Guess who just got accepted into the Gifted & Talented program for the upcoming school year? Drumroll please...

You guessed it...Evan Lofton!!!!

Ok so it was kind of an easy guess considering the fact that Evan is my only offspring that attends school but anyway...

I was so excited when we got the letter in the mail. Evan, however, could honestly care less. Well I shouldn't say care less but he was not as enthused as I was. I don't think he gets it. How's that for gifted!! And I'm not sure how to explain it to him without sounding pompous.

This news came just in time because I was seriously starting to doubt my mothering abilities. It's good to know that even when you come up short, your kids still have a chance to turn out somewhat normal!

Truth is... I don't have to be perfect because I serve a perfect God and as long as I let Him be in control...everything will be a-ok!


  1. That's a perfect picture of Evan! And I know what you mean - it's nice when someone besides you, the mother, recognizes the brilliance and potential of your child! Congrats, Evan!

  2. Nice! Congrats to your little man!


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