Menu Planning 3/28-4/1

A friend of mine ,who shall remain nameless, informed me that my menus are getting a little, shall we say, redundant.  With friends like mine...who needs enemies!  Well, I am taking this week to research more recipes to give our dinners a face lift.  Because apparently my family should be good and tired of fried catfish and fries and cheeseburgers.  But until I can properly research more in depth recipes, I will continue to stick with the basics so here's my menu for this week..

Monday: Hot dogs for the kids and sliders for the grown ups with a side of Toscano soup because I wanted to use up the Kale in my refrigerator and I was craving Olive Garden! I found a new recipe and I like it a whole lot better so check it out.  I know it's a hodge podge of foods but we all went to bed with full stomachs!

Tuesday:  Chick-fil-A (we've got soccer practice and I don't feel like cooking in a hurry)

Wednesday: Homemade Pizzas

Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas with corn cakes

Friday: Sloppy Joes

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