Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Our playgroup made it out once again to the Fort Worth Stockshow & Rodeo. The FWSSR is all Texan! I'm talkin' 'bout cowboy boots and hats, horses, and spurs and all the farm animals known to man kind! The exhibits were a cowboy's dream. Tractor equipment, designer cowboys boots and gear, horse trailers, 1/2 ton trucks and lots more. My dad would have been in hog heaven (no pun intended), but this country girl prefers pavement, animals that can be house trained, and the smell of car exhaust in the air instead of mud, animals that are larger than me, and the smell of cow dung in the air. I'm just sayin'! But I am one who likes to expose my kids to different cultures of our society so off we went to learn about life on the farm! I am mom extraordinaire!

Ummm...we don't do stinky animals! Ian held his nose for what seemed like an eternity and loudly announced that it stinks and he wanted to leave! So much for shoving farm life down his throat!

Did I mention that Ian held his nose forever! These piggies are too cute to stink!

The Bergman boys are a brave bunch! Ian is almost down with them, but he's too busy holding his nose!

This was the prettiest cow I've ever seen! How can we butcher her and eat her innards? I'm almost close to think about considering the possibility of thinking of being a vegetarian!

Such a nice farmer! Or cowboy! Not sure how the titles work! Do you see Ian anywhere in this picture! Of course not The brave Bergman boys got some hands on cow feeling while Ian stood back...say it with me...holding his nose!

My favorite part...no it's not capturing these cuties on film... It's the food! I got over my 30 second stint as an almost vegetarian and stuffed myself with corn dogs, fries, cherry lemonade and ... Wait for it... Funnel cake! Notice the fella in the back ground sifting all that powdered sugary goodness on to my little plate of heaven!

Our stock show experienced was cut short due to grumpy Ian and his post nasal drip but we will of course be back next year. This is becoming a tradition for us. my good pal Gretch would laugh at that because I generally as a rule don't do traditions. I guess I'm evolving)!

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