This is my smart aleck Evan all decked out in the Snuggie I received for Christmas.

Evan: Mommy I learned how to read really good in school. I also learn how to write and do math.

Me: Isn't it wonderful how much you learn by going to school and listening to Ms. Angela!? (his school prefers for the kids to address the teachers by their first name...it took a while for me to get over this one)

Evan: Yeah, because all I do at home is play video games and watch TV.

Me: ...after I pick my face up off the floor... Well brotha we can fix that right now! Click...off goes the TV and Snap...goes the lid to his Nintendo dsi! Now go and pick up a book!

Nothing like a six year old to keep you humble. And here I was thinking I was the cool mom for letting them get in a little video game overload for their holiday break before the spring semester started. I had no idea the kid thought I was a slacker!

Ok, in retrospect, maybe handheld gaming systems with four new games and new video rockers to lounge in while the games are blared through the speakers of the chair was a bit much! You live...you learn!

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