2 We have a squirrel in our attic.  Yep, you heard me right.  A friggin’ squirrel has taken up residence in our attic.  We have a general idea how he’s been getting in but the problem is that we don’t know how to get the creature out.  I have washed my hands of the problem.  I vowed after I got married that all things critter related will be left to my husband and I’m not going back on my word.  I refuse to go near the attic or near the creature critter living in there because honestly…it could be something other than a squirrel, truth be told. 

My husband keeps telling me that he’ll handle it and that he has everything under control but I’m not really believing him as evidenced by the fact that this thing has been scurrying around for a couple of weeks now.  Our attic is now his home.  It all started around the time the temperature started to drop here in Texas.  You have no idea how disturbing it is to be sitting in your bed and here the pitter patter of little feet above your head and you know it’s not your children.  This thing moves fast.  It’s like he’s running laps in our walls or something.

I started out feeling sorry for the critter because I thought he was lost and he would starve to death or get stuck under a beam or get scratched to senseless by our fiberglass insulation.  But now I’m just plain done!  He needs to go!  I’m starting to get paranoid.  What if he decides to push open the attic door and all I’ll see is this…
thumbnail My dear loving husband has till the end of this weekend to capture our new housemate or I’m calling in reinforcement.  Enough is enough!


  1. A dog in the attic would scare that critter away!! :-)

  2. We had one in our old house...I totally understand how you feel! And, I know how to get rid of him! Find a place that sells fox urine and soak cotton balls in it and put them in the attic. He'll get scared and leave. David first tried to find it at a tractor & feed store, but they directed him to a little place out in Crowley. He can't remember the name of it, but perhaps you can find out. Good luck!


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