Halloween recap

I know Halloween is yesterdays news but I had to post a few pics of the boys on their first door to door trick or treat adventure.

We always spend Halloween at our church's Fall Festival which I thought was a fun, safe environment for toddlers but a friend of, mine who shall remain nameless, said that I was depriving my children of the true fun of Halloween. Well I couldn't have that on my conscience so off we went. I must say that we truly had a good time despite my lack of interest in the ghoulish holiday.

Ian as Venom

In case you couldn't tell...evan was a ninja like his buddy Harrison. Neither of the boys would wear their masks. Kind of defeated the purpose of dressing up if you ask me!

All the boys before we hit the streets

This neighborhood went all out for Halloween. I've never seen anything like it.

Waiting patiently to fill their bags with candy

Evan checking out the surroundings

They weren't too sure about this house. It had blood and scary music and accessories...whoa!

Sooo excited!


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  1. too cute...we have a neighbor that digs a hole in his yard every halloween, covers it with tarp, and then lays in wait all halloween day to jump out at the kids. Even though the kids know he's there, it's always fun anticipating when his scare will happen!!


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