I love the weather in Texas. We usually have pretty mild winters, a nice cool, wet spring, and fall is absolutely beautiful (notice I left out the scorching hot summers)!

The past couple of days have brought in jacket worthy weather. I actually had to turn the heat on upstairs the other night so the boys wouldn't turn into Popsicles. I woke them up a couple of mornings ago and the thermostat read 60 degrees and their little hands and feet were like ice and they were balled up in the fetal position. Oops! My bad!

Well, I refuse to turn on the heat downstairs so I've been bundling up with layers of clothing and blankets. Call me crazy, but I actually got in bed with my scarf on....

Anything to save a buck... right!



  1. I know all about that when you have 2 heating zones. Unfortunately my toddler is still downstairs with us while my 10yr old is upstairs. On the super cold nights, I have her sleep downstairs on the couch so we don't have to turn on the heat upstairs....yup, love saving that buck!!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only frugal one around here :-)


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