Natural Hair Goes Mainstream

Well mercy me! I was blog stalking surfing the web the other day and I came across this commercial about being above the influence. It's a commercial about not giving in to peer pressure and drugs. But I was soooo excited when she said: “So what if everyone is getting a relaxer; I’m going natural”!! A shout out to all the natural hair sistas out there... we're going mainstream!

Definitions (for those who are ebonically challenged):

Fashion Mag: a magazine devoted to the latest fashion
Checkin' me: the act of assessing someone or checking them out
Perm: More commonly known as a relaxer, a perm is a series of chemicals that African-American girls use on their hair to make it look less curly, rough, and thick. As a result, their hair becomes darker, straighter, thinner, softer, longer and smoother.
Ol' school: Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, ideas, objects, etc. Typically, something that is highly regarded and sometimes the very thing that started it all.
Flip the Script: To do the unexpected. To deviate from the norm.

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