Oh No!

OMG! 4 days before the start of Kindergarten, look what happens...

Ian went all Edward Scissorhands on Evan and sliced up his face in a fit of rage! Oh, he's smilin' in this picture but he was about to pass out when it happened. Why now? Are all of his classmates going to nickname him scarface? Will his teacher think we are abusing him? Now all of our 1st day of school pictures will be tainted with a scar!

Ok. I realize I'm probably overreacting but I really was distraught when this incident occurred! It upset me that I have one kid who handles his problems with violence and another kid who got scarred because of it! Jeepers!



  1. Gurl, you ain't seen nothing yet! I guarantee you a similar scenario right before school pictures, play, or dance. Prepare yourself. LOL

  2. ME TOO! Seriously, this is getting scary. lol Love your blog... keeps me giggling!


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