Kindergarten Highlights

Well, we've survived a week of kindergarten. I must admit that it's been okay. Day three was a little rough. I made the mistake of telling Ian that we were gonna have a play day and Evan overheard me and cried to stay at home. The fact that school is an everyday thing is a hard concept for Evan to grasp. Day five brought about even more tears. Ev ran out of class and grabbed my shirt and begged to come home with me. I almost lost it. I wanted to load us all back up into the car and go home, but another kindergarten teacher came out of her classroom and offered to find Evan's 1st grade 'buddy' to walk to class with him (all of the kinders have a 1st grade buddy, Evan says that his buddy talks a lot...well ain't that the pot calling the kettle black).

So, people ask me if I miss Evan while he's at school and I have to admit that the answer is: not really. Ian and I were busy all week running errands, attending appointments and having play dates so the days flew by. Ian, on the other hand, really missed his big brother. When we were leaving the school the first day Ian said "We can't leave Evan!"
Or it may just be that Ian wants Evan at home to help him play video games since I refuse to play with him!

Here are a couple more pics for you to enjoy:

The big brown thingy is a "baking soda volcano". Daddy (the science teacher) was pretty proud that he wants to "learn about science in kindergarten"

What a goofy look...

This is the wave I got when I picked him up on the first day... How sweet!


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