How Does Your Garden Grow

My Mother-in-law, Lois, decided that she wanted to grow her own vegetables so she convinced her husband to help her plant a garden. What a good idea. Eating fresh vegetables picked straight from the earth almost makes me like veggies! The cucumbers that she grows are yummy and the green beans were even good. It almost made me want to start my own backyard garden..... Just joking! Here are a few pics of Terrance and his dad loading up on veggies for us to cook for dinner!

Terrance and his dad in the backyard garden.

Check out the mini watermelon

Here's another one

Fresh picked green beans that Grandma Lofton cooked for dinner! I don't like veggies but these were pretty good fresh from the garden.

Some type of peppers

Okra. Did you know it grows upside down?

I got to take a few of these cucumbers home with me!

Never thought I'd see my citified husband picking veggies from a garden.


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