Evan: Do you know why humming birds hum?

Me: No. Why? (I'm thinking that this would be a good piece of information to know)

Evan: Because they forgot the words!

Me:  ***silent stare***

Evan:  It was a joke...get it?!

Me: ***silent stare***


  1. Dear Evan:
    You know what is big and red and eats rocks?
    A big, red, rock eater!!!

    You know how to shoot a blue elephant? With a blue elephant gun. You know how to shoot a pink elephant? No, silly. You hold it's nose until it turns blue then shoot it with the blue elephant gun!

  2. Denise,
    Evan thought your jokes were sooo funny! He spent the next few minutes coming up with more jokes of his own. You two are something else!


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