We've been...

What have we been up to?  I'm glad you asked.  We've been maxin' and relaxin'  here in Kansas City enjoying spring break vacation.  In order to keep this post short I'll just list some of the fun we've had.

1. Eating BBQ- We all know that KC thinks that they have the best BBQ and I almost believed them when I had a delicious combination chopped beef/pork sandwich from Big T's BBQ.  It was delicious!
2. Shopping (easter outfits for the boys...check!)
3. Staying up late
4. Sleeping in late
5. Waking up to breakfast made for us every morning
6. My mother in law has a Keurig coffee maker and she has tons of different coffee flavors and I'm on a mission to sample every one of them before I leave.
7. Reading lots of books (which is why I've stayed up until 3am every night)
8. Hanging out with family. I love seeing the boys spend time with their extended family because we don't get to see them often. It also gives me warm fuzzies to see three generations of Lofton's hanging out together.
9. Watching Grandpa Lofton chase Evan around the backyard and realize that he's not as young as he used to be.
10. Go kart racing at Sadlers Indoor Racing (I lapped Grandpa Lofton 3 times)  I'm a force to be reckoned with!
11. Bible study
12. Video games ... video games... video games
13. I asked my father in law to go on a date with me to IHOP so we could shoot the breeze and catch up on old times.  He said NO!  I was kind of hurt at first but then I realized it was 1:00 am! He's forgiven!
14. Dinner at J. Alexanders followed by cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory
15. Golfing with the fellas (once again...Grandpa Lofton isn't as young as he used to be) Can you say advil?
16. The boys spent lots of quality time with Grandpa playing in Meadowmere Park, frolicing in the backyard, chasing birds out of Auntie Tonja's attic and visiting Chuck E Cheese!

We are headed back home early in the morning because it's supposed to snow here in Kansas City... seriously, today it's 60 degrees! Evan asked is Grandma and Grandpa would move to Texas.  They said no but hey...it was worth a try!  Spring Break is coming to an end but we enjoyed every second of it!

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