An Open Letter to Whataburger

Dear Whataburger,

I am writing this letter in regards to the frustration that I have been feeling with your establishment. Poor customer service, long waits, the appearance of your staff, and the cleanliness of your restaurant are among the issues I wish to elaborate on.

I’d like to start with the incredibly long wait times. They call it fast food for a reason…. people want their food fast! I have been late for work on numerous occasions due to your place of business. The other day, I placed an order at 5:55pm and did not receive my order until 6:16pm. Now that is ridiculous. And just because you offer me a free hot apple pie while I wait still does not excuse the fact that I could have handpicked my own lettuce and slaughtered my own chicken to make my own grilled chicken salad in the time it took your staff to prepare it for me.

I don’t know where to start with your customer service. When the drive thru worker says “Welcome to Whataburger, may I take your order” could they please say it with a little enthusiasm instead of with the most irritated put off tone they can muster. Have they ever heard of ‘fake it till you make it’? If you aren’t going to do anything else right…. at least be friendly!

The appearance of your staff is another concern of mine. I really hate to look at someone handle my food with dirty fingernails, t-shirts that are wrinkled, faded, and half untucked, and with food splatters trailing down their pant legs. GROSS! And this may sound rude. but please put the kid with the gold grill and oozing pimples back in the back working the fryer or stocking the store until his Proactive kicks in and his face clears up a bit. We all know that acne is a tough pill to swallow, but it makes me nauseous to think of some of that pimple juice falling into my Dr. Pepper because he spent his lunch break picking at his pimple scabs.

Your store needs to be cleaned. Period. What more can I say? I saw fries hiding out under the sink stuck in some sort of sticky substance. Your windows had grease stains so thick you could barely see through them. Your countertops had cola spilled all over them which caused my debit card to get stuck to it and your lobby furniture almost gave me a splinter because it was in such bad shape. Unacceptable.

I am telling you this so that you can maybe develop an action plan to alleviate these issues. I’m sure your customers would be forever grateful.

See ya next week,


  1. OK! Maybe this is a sign that you should just stop eating there! Even if they somehow resolve all of these issues, it still doesn't fix the fact that their food is just plain gross...and not good for you at all!
    -love ya!!! :-)

  2. that was really cute! the last line is the best and so true for you!


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