Potty Break

I often wonder exactly how different it is raising boys compared to girls. If I had a girl would I spend quiet afternoons playing tea party or combing the hair on my daughters many dolls or watching my girls read books quietly in their reading nook.

Instead I have boys that are loud and full of nonstop energy who have toy cars that I'm constantly stepping on. I can't watch tv in peace because they want to play video games and they are constantly wrestling one another or me! Not to mention the fact that they have no concept of what an inside voice is!

But on the flip side.... I would go crazy playing with dolls and pretending to drink tea from tiny tea cups and I get lots of exercise throwing 30lb kids in the air wrestling 30lb kids off of me.  So I guess I like my life the way it is and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here's a picture of what goes on in the Lofton house...

Ian: Mommy, robot gotta go potty
Me: Terrance, check this out!
Terrance: Well, he said his robot had to potty.

And I can't have an Ianism without an Evanism:

Evan: You know, if you see an ocean you could drown in it or a shark can bite your leg off.
Me: Looking at Terrance and trying not to laugh in the kids' face.

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