My Favorite Things

Okay, I am all for things that make my life easier.  So I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite thing...

I know this is my 3rd post where I've discussed laundry in some capacity, but these things are so wonderful. They are detergent + softener + anti-static in 1!  All I do is drop one in the wash and transfer everything into the dryer.  Presto! Whammo! Done!  No measuring for the correct size load.  No wasting detergent (which I tend to do with liquid laundry detergent) and no chalky residual (which is what I get when I use powder detergent).  Plus it smells super nice. 

Here's the low down. I can get a pack of 24 sheets for $5 at Wal-Mart which obviously does 24 loads.  One package lasts for two weeks (or more) so I can do a month's worth of laundry for $10.  I'm sure there are cheaper detergents out there but none offer the convenience of these sheets.  It's not all about the monetary savings, ya know!


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