A Joyous Christmas Holiday

Parents will do almost anything to put a smile on their kids faces.  My dedicated husband spent well over 10 hours assembling a swing set (a much desired Christmas present from Granny & Papa Lofton) for the boys.  He spent the first part of the build in the garage since the ground was covered in snow.  I admire his dedication because I suggested that he just wait until it warmed up a bit outside instead of suffering through the cold and snow, but he was on a mission.

In the garage: after about 2 hours or so

The makeshift barrier that Terrance put up to keep the boys out of the garage. I know...I know... Ghetto fabulous!

In the garage: after about 6 hours or so

The assembled product in the back yard.  I helped move the larger piece into the back yard at 2:00 a.m.  It was a site to see.  We almost took out a portion of our fence and we chipped a piece of the swing set, but we got it done.  A little snow didn't stop the show!

The boys reaction the next day:
Ian: "daddy, my feet get cold"
Evanstaring at the snow "it's cold"
Terrance: "I didn't get the response I expected after suffering all night in the cold so yall could have a swing set for Christmas!"

Evan and daddy had fun with Evan's Nintendo DS

I know we are going to regret buying these darn drums but Ian LOVES them! I think they should come with a years supply of ibuprofen personally!

Christmas Day Menu:
Monkey Bread and pancakes on a stick for breakfast
crab dip with toast points for an appetizer
lobster tails with butter
fried shrimp
honey baked ham
macaroni and cheese
sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
7up cake
caramel apple cheesecake
Holiday Punch

Monkey Bread for Breakfast Brunch

Homemade rolls by Terrance (after several phone calls to Grandma Lofton since these are her specialty)

Way to much food for a family of four that doesn't do leftovers.  Maybe this is a good time to start!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas in the Lofton house.  I was kind of bummed that my in laws couldn't make it.  I thought it would be lonely here without our extended family but it turned out to be a very Merry Christmas!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas! :-) I was thinking about you and your playground when the snow started falling!

  2. The things we do for our kids! Great work getting that beautiful swing set put together and in place! I wish I had eaten at your house!!! It all looks & sounds much better than what we had at our place...
    Get Ian some lessons since he loves the drums so much! Great picture!


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