My favorite things

I know a couple of my favorite things have been mentioned on previous posts but you're gonna hear about them again!

This is an awesome creation! My boys love them and even ask for them for dinner. They are such a time saver for my family that doesn't do mornings very well. It is so hard for us to get out of the door to start our day but these pancakes on a stick make it easy for me to make sure my boys get breakfast on board. Now if I can just find a way to make sure their teeth get brushed....

Now I've never been a gamer but I've dated guys that were gamers my husband likes to play video games and my brothers were heavy into gaming systems. Something about watching my kids stare for hours extended periods of time at a video screen that makes me feel like a bad parent. Turns out that the Nintendo Wii is a great babysitter distraction! It keeps the boys and their father entertained long enough for me to cook dinner or blog or read a magazine or just get some peace and quiet!

Aaahhh, my iPhone. What more can i say. Once again, I'm not isually impressed by technology. I just like things that make life easier. So wait, maybe I am into technology. Anyway, this phone is da bomb! It does almost everything. It's a pocket computer basically. How did I live without apps all this time. Greta thinks that pretty soon it will get hit with a virus or something and I will curse the day I purchased my iPhone but for right now I'm luvin' it!

My Keurig coffee maker is a godsend. I love coffee but I could never make it taste right when I made it at home. It was either too strong or too weak. This machine eliminates all of that. One pod makes the perfect cup of coffee and I dont waste coffee since it brews one cup at a time. I can get pods in tons of different flavors and plus I can buy pods that make hot chocolate and tea in this bad boy. All in under a minute and for about 40 cents a cup! Sweet!


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