Making life easier

I love sweat suits. If there is one perk with having boys it would be how easy it is to dress them. A pair of tennis shoes and a sweat suit and life is good! No accessorizing required and you are out the door in 15 minutes from the time you wake them up. That includes brushing their teeth, washing their face, brushing their hair and lacing the shoes. Breakfast is usually eaten in the car. Gotta love those pancakes on a stick!

I don't know why Ian tries so hard not to smile and why does Evan look like he has indigestion?

Ian is wondering why Evan is using his pancake on a stick as a microphone

Man...if I have a girl she's gonna rock my world. Bows and frilly things and accessories and hair to comb. How do you moms of girls ever make it out the door? Kudos to you all!

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