The Both

Evan: Mommy, guess what happened on the playground today
Me: What?
Evan: There was a moth on the playground. I was scared so I screamed and ran away.
Me: (Rolling my eyes while picturing my kid running from a moth of all things) Evan, you shouldn't be afraid of a little moth.
Evan: Well they have bottoms that look like a bees' bottom.
Me: But it's not a bee and it won't hurt you like a bee could hurt you.
Evan: They pee from their bottom that looks like a bees bottom.
Me: I chose to ignore that statement all together.
Evan: So now I call them a both instead of a moth because their bottoms look like a bee.  Get it mommy?  I took the 'b' from bee and the 'oth' from moth.
Me: Completely astounded.... Evan that is very clever!

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