Monday Manna - Kind of

Man, I've been feeling kinda crummy lately. Nothing in particular. Just been a little overwhelmed, tired and easily frustrated. So I did a little 'life inventory' to try and pinpoint the source of my discord and this is what I've come up with......
A few things that let you know that you are drifting away from God:

1. You miss church and you don't feel guilty about it. In fact you kind of feel relieved.

2. You find things to do instead of attend mid week service (dinner with friends, study for the GRE, sleep, clean the house, work an extra shift, etc.)

3. You start your prayers with "God, I don't mean to bother you, but could you.....")

4. You feel so bad that you've put God on the back burner that you don't feel like you have the right to pray and ask God for anything because you feel that He's thinking "she only prays when she wants something from Me"

5. You would rather spend time reading the Twilight series instead of spend a little time reading the Bible.

6. You are easily frustrated, moody, and overwhelmed and try to find a way to not feel that way. Maybe by sleeping or becoming withdrawn.

7. You are tempted to slip back into your old habits like cursing and drinking.

8. You haven't been to church in so long that you feel like a visitor or even worse....it takes almost the entire service before you truly feel the presence of God if you even feel it at all.

9. You commit to dedicating a portion of your blog to the Lord every week and cleverly call it Monday Manna but then slowly you find all kinds of reasons to not do your weekly Monday Manna post.

As you can see, I've been struggling here. I have committed to doing my Monday Manna and I will get back on track. Give me a chance to work out a few things.

Until Then,


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  1. I have noticed these things about my own life... hence, the Purpose Driven Life obsession of late... Fortunately for us, He is a forgiving Father. I just love your blog!


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