Did I Do That

Sometimes I am amazed at my parenting abilities or lack thereof. Here is a sneak peek at some of the things I've done in the past that I thought I'd never share......Enjoy!

Did I seriously make my kid take a nap instead of finish his breakfast because he refused to say please when I asked him to before I presented him with his meal?

Did I really actually pretend to be sleep the other night when I heard Ian crying so that Terrance would have to get up and tend to his needs because I did not want to get out of my comfy bed and hike up the stairs at 2am?

Did I actually pray to God for a company to go bankrupt because I paid for a service that they did not deliver but they refused to refund my money? (I did later ask for forgiveness and ask God for justice to be served whether it’s to me or to them) See….I can be the bigger person.

Did I secretly wish my son would actually get mad and push a little kid off of him that was bullying him at the McDonald’s play ground because I hate when he screams like a little girl? Yep, I said it…..a little girl!

Did I actually look at my husband and say “I’m Done!” when Ian was having a melt down and I didn’t have the mental and/or physical energy to deal with it?

Did I spank Ian for trying to jump out of his high chair when he was just trying to get out to retrieve the spoon that had fallen to the floor!

Did I have to apologize to Ian for spanking him for no reason! ( I thought he poured his bowl of cereal on the floor which he has a bad habit of doing but Evan told me that it was an accident)

Do I really use baby wipes for everything: clean bottoms, the leather seats in the car, stains in shirt, counter tops, wipe off dirty shoes, wipe my face, etc.

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