Cancun or Bust!

Man I love beach vacations. The sun. The sand. The beach. What a perfect combination. We just got back from our vacation to Cancun and we loved it. It was our first time to visit Mexico and we’re glad we got past our fear of contracting the swine flu or being beheaded by the Mexican drug lords.

Our resort was a lovely all inclusive hotel with everything we need right at our finger tips. I loved being served. Is that wrong? Because I felt a little guilty about it, like I was being lazy and spoiled. Wait! I was being lazy and spoiled…..I paid money to be lazy and spoiled. I can look at celebrities in a whole new light now! Sort of! Anyway, we had all sorts of fun at the resort. We did lots of eating, and I mean lots of eating. I am seriously 5 lbs heavier but I enjoyed every minute of it. Food was everywhere! There was an outdoor steakhouse that was delicious (if you ignore the drunk guy vomiting over the banister and his rude family who got defensive when everyone told him that his vomiting episode was kind of grossing everyone else out) We even ventured out to the other two Riu resorts and checked out their eating establishment to kind of mix things up a bit. There were a couple of intense games of beach volleyball that ended up with me eating a lot of dirt and trying to get sand out of places where sand should never be! Terrance did a little bit of kayaking. I did a lot of reading and laying out by the pool. I polished off 2 books in four days. Yep I said it. I laid out by the pool. For those of you who read my blog and don’t know this fact, I’ll let you in on a secret……most black people don’t tend to lay out in the sun for extended periods of time. We are already a nice shade of brown and getting darker just isn’t a goal of ours. It is relaxing however when you get past the heat which you can’t so I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. I still turned a dark chocolate brown, and my loving husband nicknamed me “Smokey”!

We also ventured away from the resort and visited a mall and a flea market and still felt safe although we were aggressively haggled by the natives to buy their items. I even got a mini massage by the beach and it was nice. I didn’t even feel self conscious until the guy untied my bikini top without a warning. It just felt wrong!!! We had different shows to enjoy nightly like live singers, a saxophonists, a disco party, karaoke, and a Latin dance show among others.

Terrance and I went on the vacation alone, but man did I miss the boys. The first day I was okay. I actually felt free. It was nice. I was enjoying our alone time. The second day I began to feel nostalgic. I would say things like….Evan would enjoy the pool or Ian would love the virgin strawberry daiquiris. The third day I was really missing them especially when I would see the other families enjoying their vacation together. I felt guilty for leaving them behind. The fourth day….I was done. I wanted to be home with the boys or have them at the beach with me. It was a little bit of torture. But as soon as we made it back to my in laws house and the boys were screaming and jumping all over us……I asked Terrance “You wanna go back to the beach without them!”

The trip home was another adventure all together. It involved an incoming storm, some questioning from the police (it’s a long story which I don’t care to elaborate on) a delayed flight, a night in the airport because the storms had all the surrounding hotels booked and without lights! But if you ignore that 24hrs……the vacation was all worth it and I can’t wait to do it again!

Tan Lines......boo!

Terrance playing a little beach volleyball

Beautiful backdrop....beautiful couple

long distance view of the pool and beach

I was able to do lots and lots of reading.....in the shade!


  1. next year i want to play on the beach together!!

  2. Please don't tell me that that is your Texas Health Resources cup on vacation with you?!!!!


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