Soccer Updates

Another week has passed with Evan playing soccer for the YELLOWJACKETS. He only let one ball make it into the net this past Saturday while he was playing goalie. This is great when compared to the 9 he let get past him last week! It was much warmer at 58 degrees so not as many frozen fingers and toes and the kids were a lot happier needless to say.
Evan playing goalie once again. Shown here bossing his teammates around!

Ian - much happier in warmer weather.....or is he?

Sad because he's not getting any action

Evan's favorite part of soccer.....getting to play on the playground after the game!

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  1. 58 degrees? You've got to be kidding me! You are a great mom...I would have told Joely that soccer had been cancelled! Too cold for me!


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