The Hole

The "HOLE"

Pops contemplating the next move

My Hallway....what a disaster!

Okay, My in laws.....that sounds so textbook......my other parents.....yeah, that sounds better...are in town and I love it! We don't get to see them much so we cherish the several times a year that we get to spend time with them. Not to mention that the boys love having someone else around to spoil them rotten! I of course take advantage of having them call out "GRANNY" instead of "MOMMY!"

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to spend much time with my father in law because he and my husband have been in the "hole" Yep that's right....."the hole." Let me explain. We sprung a leak downstairs a while ago and my husband swore that he could fix it himself, thus saving us a grand or so. He ran into a few obstacles but that didn't stop him. Now that Pops is here, they have both taken on the mission to repair the pipes themselves! So for two days they have been in "the hole!" I guess I can't complain because the deed is done and we spent 1/8 of what we would have spent if we had paid someone else to do it. Sure my house is a mess and I missed out on some quality time with Pops but now we have hot water and for that I'm grateful!

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