Monday Manna - Abuse

I know today is supposed to be Monday Manna but I have something else I'd like to share with you today that's been weighing on my heart: I have been thinking a lot about Rihanna and the alleged abuse that she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend Chris Brown and I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

I’ll admit that at first I thought that the world was coming down kinda hard on Chris Brown. Radio stations took his music out of rotation, audiences booed whenever they heard his music playing, tabloids painted the picture that he was some kind of evil menace.

Then I said to myself……why am I feeling sorry for him. A guy I don’t even know who had the gall to allegedly choke his girlfriend (who he’s supposed to love and protect) until she almost passes out and who left bruises and cuts and bumps all over her face just because he could. I don’t care what the circumstance…..you don’t intentionally hurt the ones you love and a man should NEVER put his hands on a woman. It’s that simple. Women are not a man’s property to do with as he pleases just because they did something that he deemed wrong in his eyes. And women all over the world should have enough love for themselves to see past the lies when he tells you that he’s sorry after knocking you to the ground or says that he hurts you because he loves you or that he’ll never do it again. It should never have happened.

I speak from experience. I was in a VERY abusive relationship from the ages of 16-18 and the things that happened in that relationship almost broke me mentally and physically. This same guy later attempted to shoot and kill his estranged wife and later killed himself once the police tried to arrest him. I think all the time……that could have been me! I didn’t listen to my family tell me to get as far away from him as I could. I didn’t take the threats seriously when he said he’d kill me if he ever saw me talking to another guy. I suffered through the physical abuse all because I really felt in my heart of hearts that he loved me. That relationship left me very confused. I didn’t know what love was or how it was supposed to be expressed so I dated all the wrong guys for the next few years. I later went on to find my knight in shining armor (one whom I almost let get away). My husband is everything that a man should be. He would NEVER lay a hand on me and he opened my eyes and my heart and showed me love ……God’s Love!

I am so thankful today for so many reasons but mostly for life and for love! I am praying for Rihanna. I hope that she chooses to love herself more than she loves a man who hurts and disrespects her, and I hope that all of the ladies going through similar situations learn that physical abuse is only the tip of the iceberg. This can come down to life or death.....CHOOSE LIFE!

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