Something New

Well, I've been inspired to start a blog. I'm starting this blog on a day that will live on in history forever. Presidential Inauguration 2009. While Obama chooses to accept this country's highest honor......I decide to create a blog! Hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I excitedly sat Evan down beside me to watch the Presidential Inauguation and 10 minutes into the festivities I hear "Mommy Barack Obama is boring me!" (How dare Obama interfere with morning cartoons!) After a lecture on the importance of this day(what it means not only for blacks, but for people all around the world)I sent him downstairs to play Wii! I didn't want anyone to spoil the moment for me!

My aim in creating this blog is to share the joys of mothering my two little strong willed boys with family and friends who I've not been the best in keeping updated. I hope to share the good, the bad and the ugly, or as much of it as my husband will allow, so stay tuned!

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